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San Jose Estate Administration Lawyer

Administering an Estate

If you and your family have recently lost a loved one, administering an estate only adds to your emotional turmoil. Having an experienced attorney to assist you is invaluable. I am Sue Campbell, Attorney at Law, an experienced estate administration attorney serving clients in San Jose and Santa Clara, California. I possess more than 25 years of probate experience and can assist in handling even the most complex cases.

What is Probate? Do I Need an Attorney?

Probate is a process in which a court supervises the distribution of an estate. By California state law, any estate with no will is required to go through the probate process, but even estates with wills valued at more than $150,000 may be subject to probate.

Having an impartial third party with knowledge of the estate administration process is a huge advantage. A probate lawyer can account for assets, ensure that all owed taxes are paid properly, determine and locate the estate's heirs, and distribute the estate to those heirs. With years of experience working with families in probate, I possess immense knowledge in this area of the law. I will help to make sure your loved one's estate is distributed fairly. I am a San Jose estate administration attorney experienced with:

Representation for Personal Representatives and Estate Executors

Personal representatives and executors can be held accountable for any errors or delays to the administration of an estate. If you have been designated the trustee of an estate, I will use my experience to efficiently and effectively guide you through the trust settlement process to ensure that your legal obligations as a trustee are fulfilled as required and in a timely manner.

Free Attorney Consultation

For a free consultation with an experienced Santa Clara probate attorney, contact me to set up an appointment. Feel free to call my office at 408-277-0648 or contact me by e-mail. Early morning and evening appointments are available by request.

My office in downtown San Jose is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I offer free parking located directly adjacent to my office.

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